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In a secluded area of Mount Hiei, shrouded in mist, the Japanese Institute for Magical Practices spirals gracefully into the sky. The school is a series of elegant pagodas built to impossible heights with a multitude of connecting bridges crisscrossing like a bird’s nest. On the ground is an elaborate garden with a sprinkling of ponds. A kaleidoscope of fish zigzag through the water, sometimes even taking to the air like birds due to rather peculiar abilities gained over time through overexposure to magic. Students often take immense pleasure in enchanting a cherry blossom downpour to trail people who have wronged them; the charm usually remains intact for well over a week unless a teacher takes pity upon the student and dispels the spell. While they have mastered wandless magic through the use of talismans, pockets of the Japanese wizarding community have slowly begun to adopt the use of wands following its rise in popularity all over the world, although wandless magic still takes precedence, and wands are more often tucked behind their ears or used to hold up their hair than to practice magic. 



"A demon is a human soul, twisted and corrupted by its time in Hell."

#dean winchester #who had yet to be changed by all the forces of darkness working against him in hell #who spent 40 years on Alastair’s rack #without breaking #who spent ten years perfecting the art of torture #but whose soul remained human #but now #after spending a year #being crushed under the weight of loneliness #and despair #and guilt #on earth #has turned into the very being the demons hoped to create in hell #but they didn’t understand that despite all of hell’s horrors #he still had the reassurance that his actions had saved the brother he loved #whereas now#all he knows is that his betrayal cost him the friendship of sam #and he fears that the damage he caused is irreparable #the reason dean became a demon now #is that earth had become #far more difficult than he could bear#throughout his time with the mark of cain on his arm #it was his own personal hell (via savingsammyhuntingdestiel)

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    Dean's ringtone when Castiel calls.






I swear, just click.

but omg imagine Sam setting this as Dean’s ringtone for Cas and Dean jumping when he hears that sound and is like “Is that yours” to Sam, who just bursts out laughing and Dean sees it’s his phone ringing oH GOD :’))))

i laughed harder than i thought i would

Better still, Sam sneakily borrows Cas’ phone to call Dean while they’re all in the library after discretely hiding Dean’s phone under some paper, and Dean’s face just goes redder and redder whie desperately throwing everything off the table trying to find the damn thing and shut it up, all the while Cas is so confused why Dean is freaking out and why Sam in doubled over laughing so hard he has tears just STREAMING down his face.

Jesus I haven’t heard this song in forever!

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