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"Placing Faith" (19/24) Levi/Eren; Erwin/Levi by OneWhoSitsWithTheTurtles


Chapter notes: I feel like this is going to end up being some people’s favourite chapter. Enjoy ;)

Summary: Captain Levi Rivaille is second in command of the Survey Corps, a gang that is at constant war with the Military Police who, despite saying they act on behalf of the Crown and the people, are corrupt and violent with anyone who doesn’t fall in line. Even at twenty years old Levi is seen as one of the most powerful soldiers, with detached ruthlessness in his way of life. Which means that no one was expecting him to adopt a young eight year old boy named Eren, who is orphaned when the Survey Corps’ battle with the Military Police level the Shiganshina District.

Important Notes: There are multiple important notes at the beginning of the story, but the two main points people should know before reading:

  1. This starts off as Erwin/Levi established
  2. Levi/Eren is a slow building relationship due to Eren’s starting age
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