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AU where Cas was born with healing powers, causing his entire village to think of him as the reincarnation of the Deity of Purity and Healing. He his kept secluded in a temple away from danger and people who may want to use his powers for undeserved deeds. The legend goes that such a being must never be tainted by humanity’s vanity and greed.

Away from most people and only in the care of a couple of monks,Castiel will have a first taste of what humanity is when Dean Winchester plan to steal one of the temple’s offering to feed his family.

Aka: I wish I could write.

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So, lycanthropy as a mildly bothersome condition that puts you out of commission three days a month, because it's hard to get to work when you're a two-meter tall furry monster who likes nothing more than sniff the hell out of things you love, and lick'em, and sleep on them because THAT KEEPS THEM SAFE of course. Dean takes especially good care to put away all his Metallica shirts before his monthly Shift, because-gross!-wolf saliva stinks, but all in all he's pretty okay with it all (cont)


(cont) not like Sammy, who still shifts unexpectedly when under stress-though their mom says he’s just a late bloomer, Dean makes unrepentant fun of him. Haha ! Then the new boy arrives into town and things get pretty weird. Dean’s wolf has always been extremely mild-mannered, quite happy to stay in the house as long as he’s got his family around to slobber upon and cuddle with. So when one day he wakes up half-sprawled on bird-nest’s hair Castiel Novak who’s contentedly (cont)sleeping on HIS bed, and Sammy tells him-with frequent pauses when it seems like he’s going to choke himself with laughter-how he’s been patiently but resolutely herding the new boy to the house for the last two days, jkhfb I don’t remember the beginning of the sentence, sorry… It happens a few times until Castiel starts packing in advance for his monthly sojourn at the Winchester’s, spent playing cards with Sam and watching TV while leaning against 70kgs of soft fur and happy growling. (cont)cont) it takes a little longer still before Dean takes him to a movie and ice-cream date. Castiel finds he quite enjoys leaning against 60kgs of blushing sweetheart in a leather jacket and his father’s aftershave.

hyperventilates gently



oh my god


Went into the “antinaruto” tag


just look at these examples

"Because I really couldn’t make Naruto more likeable without entirely making a new hero and just giving him the same name. I never liked him….

They do realise what’s the actual name of the show right?

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